9 So-Pretty Colorful Hair Ideas to Try This Summer

Sure, you could dye your hair a classic golden blonde this summer, a la Shailene Woodley, or honey brown, like Gigi Hadid, or a basic black, like Lucy Hale. Yes, you could dye your hair any neutral, “safe” color under the neutral, safe sun, and you could also do it while eating some dry Triscuits and watching the Weather Channel on repeat. Or, you could maybe live a little and try out a new, bright hair color, like fiery red, tangerine, or icy pink this summer. And if you’re asking us, we vote the latter.

But because going for a non-traditional hair color can be a bit daunting, unless you’re Bella Thorne who regularly dyes her hair a new rainbow shade every other week, we rounded up inspo photos of our favorite bright-haired celebrities, including Ariel Winter, Kylie Jenner, and Zoë Kravitz. By the time you’re finished looking through these pics, you’ll be begging your colorist to fit you in for a last-minute appointment. Click through to see them all, and hey, we warned you.


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