The 12 Best Curl-Refreshing Sprays for Every Type of Curly Hair

Ah, curly hair, such a beautiful, majestic, fanciful beast. That is, until you step outside, or accidentally use too much product, or not enough product, or slightly touch it, or even think of the word “humidity,” or speak ill of the curl gods. Then you’re stuck with stringy, fuzzy, frizzy, bad-day curls that are basically a lost cause. Or, at least they used to be, until you got yourself an incredibly awesome, effective curl-refreshing spray.

OK, OK, we know: Curl-refreshing sprays seem like gimmicky spray gels that do nothing but leave your hair sticky and crunchy—and if this were the ‘90s, you’d be correct. But it’s 2017, and the refreshing sprays of today are actually formulated to re-hydrate and re-define all types of curls with a mix of ultra-nourishing ingredients, like shea butter, aloe vera, coconut oil, and bamboo milk. Seriously—just mist them over dry hair until it’s slightly damp, and let air-dry, or twist and diffuse as usual. Yes, it’s annoyingly that easy.

In fact, the only hard part is figuring out which bottle to buy, which is why we rounded up the best of the best refreshing sprays for fine curls, thick and frizzy curls, and super-dry, kinky curls, so you can finally have second-, and even third-, day curls that you genuinely love. Click through to find the best spray for your curl type, and get misting!


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