Fight obesity with a nutritious diet and consistent workout routine. Here are some ideas to help you live a healthy life at a healthy weight.

We've Got Bad News About Those McDonald's Fitness Trackers

We don’t find this funny, Ronald McDonald. Take a page from Grimace. 

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A treatment typically used on people with Parkinson’s disease could show promise for people struggling with binge eating disorder.

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Ditch the Fitness Excuses: How I Hope America Moves Forward in A Nation of Obesity

I believe our emotions are what drive our successes or failures. Motivation is an incredibly powerful emotion. It helps you challenge yourself and push through plateaus.

Fat-Proof Your Life

Americans are giving in to the oversized portions that taunt us everywhere we go, filling our foods with fat and unnecessary calories. With an obesity epidemic on the rise, here’s how to fight back.

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Scary Stat: Eating Out Boosts Obesity

According to this report from Trust for America’s Health, now all but one does. So why do we keep getting bigger? Obesity experts say the link could be tied to how much you eat out.