summer makeup ideas

We’ll wager a guess that your summer makeup look hasn’t been all that much different than your winter makeup look, save for an extra layer of sunscreen and a heavier sweep of bronzer. And while you certainly don’t have to adjust your makeup routine to match the season (hell, if Gigi doesn’t need to, either do we!) it’s hard not to feel inspired by the warm weather to come. For some, that means bolder brows and an extra few coats of mascara—but for others, that can mean a sea-foam green smokey eye, a cherry lip combined with winged liner, or even a set of falsies in a dramatic neon hue.

If summer is the season that gets your creative makeup juices flowing, here’s our best advice to you: Find a primer you’re obsessed with, waterproof all your products, and start pretending all that sweat is a flattering layer of dewiness. Then, take a look at these 30 summer makeup ideas—one for every single day this month—and get to copying. Ahead, almost three-dozen looks to bookmark and then try every day in June.



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