FITNESS: What’s your main goal as the Neutrogena Naturals Brand Ambassador?

Kristen Bell: I want to emphasize the teeny-tiny lifestyle changes that everyone can make. Living a green lifestyle is not a far-off dream for anybody—it’s not difficult. The brand and I just made a video to share healthy lifestyle tips for inside and outside the house, to really inform people about how easy it is to conserve and be environmentally friendly.

FITNESS: How do you work some of those green lifestyle tips into your own life?

Kristen: When I became pregnant, I became aware of what was on my skin. I started paying attention to the ingredients I used, and I knew that I wanted to be dedicated to a line of products that were naturally derived and didn’t contain sulfates or parabens. Plus, being responsible to the environment makes me feel good. I garden. I compost. I just recently replaced all my grass with turf. But I’m not willing to sacrifice efficacy in my products. I’m environmentally friendly, but I’m not crazy. I’m not washing my face with dirt! I love makeup; I wear a lot of it for work. I still want to have fun, and I love beauty tips.

FITNESS: You mentioned pregnancy—congratulations on expecting again! You kind of touched on this, but how has pregnancy affected your skincare routine?

Kristen: I’m actually lucky, because whatever hormones I’m experiencing seem to give me good skin. I find that the best way for me to treat my skin during pregnancy (and when I’m not pregnant) is simplicity and consistency. So I use the Naturals line and I’m really consistent about when I wash my face, always making sure I wash my face before I go to bed. I love the Purifying Cream Cleanser, which has wintergreen, willow bark, and coconut—ingredients I can pronounce and actually know what they are!

FITNESS: What are you doing to stay active during this pregnancy? Have your workouts changed at all?

Kristen: A little; I’m still doing a bit of Pilates. I’ve been doing yoga every day of my pregnancy because the days when I haven’t done it, I notice a night and day difference. Mind you, it’s a 20-minute yoga video; I’m not doing it for an hour and a half! But I’ve been able to find 20 minutes to do it in the morning, and the stretching has helped so much. The main piece of knowledge that I’ve gained from this pregnancy is that yoga is wonderful for pregnant women.

FITNESS: How are you working healthy food habits into your diet during your pregnancy? Have you had any unhealthy cravings?

Kristen: Absolutely, each and every day! I’ve been craving a lot of peanut butter, which I’ve been allowing myself to have because I don’t want to skimp on calories while I’m pregnant. (A lot of them go to the baby.) But I allow myself to have as much food as I want, provided that it’s the right food. That’s really my goal. So I stay away from sugar, because I don’t feel good when I eat it, but I will allow myself to have an extra helping of sweet potato fries…so those are the little deals I make with myself.