15 of Rowan Blanchard’s Coolest and Most-Inspiring Makeup Looks

Each and every time a red carpet event rolls around, we wait with bated breath for some inspo-worthy makeup that doesn’t fall into that damn category of “safe” or “neutral” or “subtle.” And because we still haven’t accepted the fact that most celebrities are trying to dodge the worst-dressed lists, we find ourselves disappointed almost every single show. So when 15-year-old Rowan Blanchard showed up to the CFDA Awards wearing ridiculously cool makeup, our little beauty-obsessed hearts skipped a beat and we immediately (OK, frantically) combed through *all* of her red carpet and event appearances for more. And guys, we may have just discovered our latest beauty crush, because Blanchard’s makeup is consistently awesome.

Rowan Blanchard CFDA

Basically, when we were 15 years old, our makeup consisted of uneven, jet-black eyeliner and some sticky, glittery, lipgloss monstrosity. But with metallic smokey eyes and Swarovski crystal-coated lash lines, Blanchard’s makeup is incredibly playful and straight-up boundary-pushing. If only our teenage selves could have had a makeup artist like Blanchard’s Amy Strozzi, who, in a recent Instagram post, gushed about the Disney Channel actress’s fearless self-expression: “How much I admire this beautiful being and the innate comfort/pleasure she finds in the magic of makeup. Thank you @rowanblanchard for the fun we have, and for showing your generation it’s OK to express yourself always!”

Ugh, too much love and happiness coming from all angles, and we’re feeling it. And because we’re clearly all on the same exact page by now, we decided to pull each and every one of Blanchard’s best makeup looks for your viewing (and inspiration gathering) pleasure. Spoiler alert: We’re obsessed. See the photos, ahead, and get inspired to try something new tomorrow morning with your makeup.


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