The 15 Best Lip Scrubs for Insanely Smooth, Soft Lips

Raise your hand if you’re finally ready to say goodbye to cold weather and bask in the sunshine of spring (but only with SPF, of course). We’re going to assume you all raised your hands, because if you’re anything like us, you’re more than eager to ditch the beauty struggles of winter, like dry, wind-burned skin, staticky hat hair, and, our least favorite of them all, chapped, flaky lips. And though we’re sure you just *love* slathering on dozens of lip balms without actually getting soft, flake-free lips, we’d like to instead introduce you to your new holy grail beauty product: hydrating lip scrubs.

Since your lips don’t have oil glands (whaa? Yup), they’re extra susceptible dryness and cracking, not only from a few gusts of wind, but also from lip licking and mouth breathing. Which is why we’re so obsessed with moisturizing lip scrubs, which not only help get rid of the flakes, but also re-hydrate your damaged skin barrier. We’re talking scrubs packed with a mix of natural exfoliators, like sugar, walnut shells, and sea salt, and soothing moisturizers, like honey extract, sweet almond oil, and argan oil. Basically, your life is severely less awesome if you’re not already using one of these scrubs.

So we rounded up our 15 favorite—and cutest!—lip scrubs that are housed in tiny jars, lipstick bullets, and even portable pencils, so you’ve have pretty much no reason not to slip one of these suckers in your bag today. Click through to find your new favorite, and get ready to kiss those dry, flaky lips goodbye. Literally.


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