10 Best Highlighters to Get Hailey Baldwin’s Cheekbones

Hailey Baldwin is our beauty guru for all things. We’ve already seen her slay the beauty game with huge, ’90s-style hair and no-makeup-makeup selfies, but most importantly, we’ve seen her perfectly highlighted cheekbones from miles away (literally—some of those paparazzi shots are miles away, and her cheekbones are still glinting), and for that, Baldwin deserves all of the beauty attention. Or, at least, a breakdown of exactly how to make our cheeks look like hers.

First step: Be a 20-year-old supermodel. OK, cool—everyone got that? Good. Second step: Swipe on a really, really excellent highlighter. Yes, it’s literally that easy, as long as you choose a formula that’s finely milled (meaning no giant flecks of obvious-looking glitter), and sweep it lightly (less is more!) over your cheekbones with a medium-size fan brush. Of course, most of this comes with trial and error, which nobody has time for, so instead, we rounded up our tried-and-true highlighters, just for you. Whether you’re dying to try E.l.f.’s Baked Highlighter, Antonym’s All-Organic Highlighter, ModelCo On-The-Glow Highlighter (Baldwin’s own highlighter collab!), or one of our seven other favorites, you’ll definitely meet your face’s new BFF, below. Happy glowing!

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