January Jones Just Got The Coolest, Shaggy Haircut of Your Dreams

OK, so 90-percent of the time when a celebrity gets a haircut, it’s nothing too shocking or insane (unless we’re talking about Bella Thorne, who dyes her hair a rainbow every fifth day). But when we say January Jones just got a major haircut, we really mean that January Jones got a major haircut: a shaggy, short ‘do with choppy bangs. Yup!

Jones posted a photo of her new haircut on Instagram yesterday, with the caption “thanks for the shag,” tagging hairstylist Bridget Brager, whose clients also include Kristen Stewart, Kate Bosworth, and Isla Fisher. Brager, who posted a similar photo, detailed the haircut, saying “fresh [cut] for this [unicorn]. Check out her Instagram to see the inspiration pics she pulled for her new #doo. And ladies, if your [sic] looking to change your hairstyle, note the importance of inspiration!! It helps your stylist SO much!”

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A few hours earlier, Jones had Instagrammed a photo of Jane Birkin and Debbie Harry, writing “Inspo pics for my chop chop today” with a nervous emoji. But, obviously, Jones looks hella cool, and we’re not the only people who think so—almost 300 comments on her photo rave about the look, with “Gorgeous! I screencapped this pic to take in for my next haircut. Ahmaaaahhhzing,” and “Wow, I’m dying. I’ve never seen something so beautiful. Call 911.”

We’re not saying you should go out and cut your hair right now, but, uh, we really hope you do, because we’re obsessed with it. And then send over the pics a.s.a.p., so we can add you to our inspiration board.


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