Pietro Boselli's Guide to Working Out (and Looking Good Doing It)

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You've already resolved that 2017 will be the year you finally get in biceps-pumping, squat-thrusting, seam-splitting shape. The only question is: Uh, how? Here with the answers—and with suggestions on what to wear while you're at it—is ridiculously handsome math-professor-turned-fashion-model Pietro Boselli.

Pietro Boselli has had a crazy couple of years. While finishing his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering at University College London and, you know, “working on the computational design of large steam turbines,” Boselli found himself the subject of a viral Internet story.

He'd been lecturing for an undergrad math course, just your average math professor with the body of a Roman god, when a few of his students realized their hunky prof was a bona fide model and took to Facebook. E! News made it a story, and then everyone from Elle to The Guardian picked it up. Boselli, 28, was dubbed “the World's Hottest Math Teacher.”

“I was just living my life,” he says today. “This is something that can only happen with the Internet, obviously.”

Since then he's become one of the most in-demand models, shooting campaigns for Dsquared2, Moschino, and Armani's sportswear label, EA7. “I couldn't be just a model,” he says. “I don't see myself as one thing. I'd like to have my own engineering firm.” He plans to start his own activewear label, too. Simple stuff like tank tops and shorts. Down the line, maybe he can expand into wearable technology: “Clothing you can plug in and have the electricity clean it,” he says. “Or fragrance-encapsulation technology. It could be done. But you need much bigger capital.”

We're not worried about him finding work. “I'm a very confident person,” Boselli says. “I'm very confident in my abilities.”

You would be, too, if you had his body. So here's exactly how to get it—and the clothes you'll need to show it off.

Killer Gym Style Starts in the Streets

Activewear has infiltrated the fashion zeitgeist so thoroughly that Prada, paragon of sartorial refinement, is now unveiling its own version of athleisure. (These technical joggers and this ice-cold jacket marched down the runway, replacing all those suits.) There are two reasons for this sportification—and it's a chicken-and-egg-type deal: Guys are wearing performance gear in more and more situations, and the gear is getting more and more stylish. Which means you can dress like an athlete, even if you think deltoids are a Florida State fraternity.


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