7 Insanely Cool (and Cheap) Beauty Products to Buy at Ulta Right Now

Surprise! It’s that time of the month again! Chill—your ovaries are fine…but your wallet might not be. Because Ulta just released a bunch of brand-spakin’-new products for March, and we want approximately all of them. We understand, though, that this moment might be overwhelming for some of you who live and die by the “new arrivals” filter on Ulta’s website, so to make it easier on you, we’ve gone ahead and picked seven of the best, coolest, and cheapest (they’re all under $20!) beauty products for you to try a.s.a.p.

We won’t pretend that you’ll want every single one of these products, because who in the world could ever want a $9 L.A. Girl brow kit, or a $4 Vichy face mask that promises to give you super glowy skin? Who in their right mind would want amazing products on a budget? (Note our thick-as-hell sarcasm, here.) In case you haven’t already skipped below, click through to see our favorite under-$20 products that may or may not already be in route to our doorsteps, then come back in April so we can corrupt your bank account all over again. Happy splurging!

party makeup 23 7 Insanely Cool (and Cheap) Beauty Products to Buy at Ulta Right Now


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