Vanessa Hudgens Got Ass-Length Hair and Promptly Turned Into a Mermaid

Poor, poor Vanessa Hudgens—we’ll miss her. The actress, who has been gracing our newsfeeds for the last decade for her roles in High School Musical, Grease, and Secret BFF in Our Hearts has officially turned into a majestic mermaid and gone off to live in the sea. At least, that’s what we’re assuming, based on the fact that Hudgens just got butt-length waves and looks like a freaking mermaid washed ashore. In, like, a good way, though.

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Late last night, Hudgens posted a photo of herself in a shirt that we really want, jeans that we really want, and long, long hair that we definitely really want, with the caption “Hair for the next [movie]” with a bunch of video camera emojis. The masterminds behind the surprisingly natural-looking extensions? Riawna Capri and Nikki Lee, co-owners of Nine Zero One salon in Los Angeles who regularly transform the heads of Emma Roberts, Hillary Duff, and Nina Dobrev.

Though we’re not sure which movie Hudgens is filming that requires her to have long-ass hair to her butt, we’re actually really, really digging the look—and we’re not the only ones. Approximately one-billion people have already commented on the photo, calling Hudgens “MOM” and scattering heart and star emojis all over the comments. Though we won’t say you should copy this look at home—because, realistically, you’d need to invest a ton of money in this look with natural-hair extensions and a skilled stylist—we do suggest staring at Hudgens and imaging yourself as a mermaid, and maybe, just maybe, it’ll happen in your dreams.


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