Athletes, musicians, and TV hosts have access to VIP rooms and private plane and models swimming in pools of champagne (we assume), but they're still subject to the same calorie-burning physiology as the rest of us. As such, even they have to abstain from certain delicious but horribly fattening foods. We asked a handful of guys what they refuse to consume. And their answers confirmed that stars really are just like us: out here trying to avoid bloating in public.

Michael Strahan

Occupation: Good Morning America host, NFL Hall of Famer

What he's picky about:"I don't eat fried foods, fried chicken, none of that. I really haven't had any in a long time, even on a cheat day. My biggest thing is Oreos. I used to love them—now I can't bring myself to even try them. I had one a while ago, and it tasted like it was shooting that cream right into my arteries."


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